Start building expanded, zero-emission, fare-free transit!

The City of Victoria’s Youth Bus Program is a big success! 2,100 youth have used the program already. Families save money, and fewer car trips mean lower COemissions.

But last summer four Transit Commissioners voted against making public transit fare-free for all youth in our region:

  • Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes
  • Saanich Councillor Susan Brice
  • Sooke Mayor Maja Tait
  • Colwood Mayor Rob Martin

Fare-free for Social Justice and Fairness! 

Make mobility a basic right like education and healthcare. Fund public transit like public schools, hospitals and libraries. Drop the financial barriers to basic transport. No fare-box!

Fare-free for Climate!

It’s a climate emergency! With only a few years left to massively reduce COemissions we need the Transit Commissioners to tackle our region’s biggest COsource – transportation. It’s time to be getting everyone out of cars and using public transit. There’s no fare-box for cars to drive on roads, get the fare-box out of the bus!

That starts with a transit pass for all youth in the Victoria Region! Victoria Regional Transit Commissioners meet Tuesday, February 25th. 

Expand the pilot project for fare-free public transit for ALL youth.

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