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The basic argument against BC government subsidies for LNG and fracking is this:

  • LNG, ‘Liquefied Natural Gas’, is a fossil fuel, like coal and oil. As such, it emits a lot of CO2 when burned. CO2 emissions are causing the climate crisis. The science warns us we must immediately begin rapidly reducing CO2 emissions. That means, we must begin retiring all fossil fuel projects. Absolutely we must not embark on new ones – like LNG Canada.
  • Note: Burning LNG for electricity emits less CO2 than coal. This shouldn’t be important, but it’ll come up later.
  • Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is a relatively new technology that allows natural gas (what will become LNG) to be extracted from underground shale beds. Fracking uses enormous amounts of water and injects dangerous chemicals and sand into the shale beds to release the gas. (Fracking also contaminates underground water and causes earthquakes.)
  • Owing to recent cost-saving innovations in fracking technology, oil companies are positioned to make enormous profits by expanding into fracking and LNG operations. As such, there is currently an ennormous boom in this industry around the world. There is also an enormous industry and government effort to portray LNG as “clean”. LNG is a dangerous, CO2-emitting, climate heating fossil fuel, but is being portrayed as a green alternative to coal that can “bridge” us to future renewable energy use.
  • Lured by the hope of securing industry to their region and gaining tax revenue from resource extractions, and perhaps by political campaign contributions and the hope of future personal favours, politicians around the world have been offering huge financial incentives at public expense to attract oil companies to their regions. $5.35 billion in financial incentives are being provided to the oil companies behind the LNG Canada project.
  • Financial incentives make the cost of selling LNG for energy on world markets artificially cheaper than renewables like wind and solar – delaying their adoption and use.
  • The takeaway: Our governments are providing public subsidies to boost oil company profits, expanding LNG fossil-fuel extraction and use, and delaying the development and adoption of renewables all at the same time.
  • This is happening right now with the BC government and LNG Canada. But, it has only just started and we can stop it.


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