Hey, British Columbia. Stop pouring gas on the climate fire!

It’s a climate emergency. The science is warning us to start rapidly ending fossil fuels right now, to leave them in the ground right now, and switch to renewables right now.

But right now the BC Government is launching Canada’s biggest ever fossil fuel extraction project – LNG CANADA. It’s a huge $40 billion investment that will lock in decades and decades of CO2 emissions.

Instead of seriously funding expansion of renewables like solar, wind, and geothermal as well as funding other Green New Deal initiatives, the BC government is providing $5.35 billion in financial incentives to Shell Oil, TC Energy (formally TransCanada Pipelines) and other huge oil companies to frack, extract, process, and export LNG – a CO2 emitting fossil fuel just like coal and oil.

Our ‘End LNG’ Campaign.

The $40 billion LNG CANADA project is still at its earliest stages and on a precarious economic footing. Climate Justice Victoria is bringing together and working with other groups to mobilize pressure on the BC government to bring fracking and LNG extraction to an end in BC.

  • End all BC government financial incentives to the LNG Canada and CoastalGasLink projects,
  • Respect First Nations. Cease construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline on Wet’suwet’en Territories,
  • End the environmentally destructive fracking industry in BC,
  • Create ‘just transition’ opportunities for displaced energy workers, families, and communities by making substantial public investments in renewable energy development, climate adaptation, and Green New Deal initiatives.

What you can do.

Get the facts about LNG.

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