Global Day for Climate Justice – Victoria – Sat Nov 6

Saturday. Nov 6. 11AM. Centennial Square, Victoria BC, Lekwungen Territory. Bring friends and signs! Please bring and wear a mask. Facebook event

Find out more about the Global Day for Climate Justice, including actions in other cities, at

Justice won’t be handed to us by world leaders or delivered by corporations. Wherever you are in the world, now is the time to join the fight for climate justice.

We got to this crisis point because our political and economic system is built on inequality and injustice. For centuries, rich governments and corporations have been exploiting people and the planet for profit, no matter how much it harms the rest of us.

Like the climate crisis, our economic and political system is human-made. This also means it can be remade. Climate justice recognizes that all of our struggles lead back to the same unjust system. Whether we are fighting for better pay at work, for clean water, or against police violence or the opening of a new mine. For control over our bodies or to stop the destruction of forests we live in.

We need climate action that works for all of us, not just the people with the most money in their pocket. The solutions that we need already exist and are being practiced, but our leaders lack the political will to act. World leaders and experts will meet in Glasgow in November at the global climate talks, COP26.

Global problems need global solutions. The decisions made at COP26 will shape how governments respond (or not) to the climate crisis. They will decide who is to be sacrificed, who will escape and who will make a profit. So far, governments have done too little too late: colluding with corporations and hiding behind green washed ‘solutions’ that actually don’t exist yet, that don’t address the scale of the problem, and in many cases rely on more exploitation of people and the planet.

Justice won’t be handed to us by world leaders or delivered by corporations. The transformative solutions that we need to survive and build a more just and fair world can only be brought about through collective action, solidarity and coordination, from our local communities and international levels.

This event and host organizations are located on Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ lands. We look to and work with the Indigenous communities leading the climate justice movement on the front lines for guidance and leadership.